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What Our Patients Say

Palmetto Lowcountry Behavioral Health has received great feedback from our patients and families. Below are just a few of the kind remarks we’ve collected from alumni and families:

quote“…being here offered me much comfort, insight into my fears and weaknesses.”

“It was awesome, I love this place”

“All staff was exceptional, very authentically caring, friendly and professional.  This is the most help I’ve ever received in a therapy session.  I’m very appreciative, blessed and fortunate to have been able to attend PBH…”

“thank you so much for everything. Made me really think about myself and my needs.”

“This really spoke to me and tremendously helped me on my road to recovery.”

“I believe the facility, staff and treatment are top-notch. Kudos and I greatly appreciate the help. Thank you!”

“Thanks for Everything!!!”

“It was wonderful thank all of the staff members of Palmetto…”

“Everyone was amazing.  Very helpful and accommodating.”

“You guys were awesome”

“Thank you for being here and providing support and help to those in need.”

“Everything was really well done and I am extremely happy with my experience.”

“I am very pleased with all the staff members they were all very courteous understanding, professional…”

“All staff were courteous and understanding.  Very thankful that I was admitted here.  I really got the help I needed.”

“Very grateful. Thanks to all”

“All the staff did an outstanding job. Thank you!”

“thank you for helping me.”

“Absolutely grateful for the love and support from everyone.”

“I was very impressed and felt much better by the time I left.”

“I feel that all the staff members when out of their way to make all patients as comfortable as possible.”

“No way it could have been better”

“I want to thank all of them for their caring and sincere efforts.”

“I am grateful for the support and treatment. Thank you!”

“…my stay here was awesome! I met some wonderful people.”

“All staff were very respectful and the program was beneficial.”

“I was treated so kindly and with respect. Everyone was compassionate and focused on my needs. They were so kind and made sure I had everything I needed to get better. Great Job!”